Monthly Archives: February 2011

The bare minimals to get started with iOS development

In order to get started for iOS development, you need to do a few things:

– Get yourself a mac (the cheapest is the mac mini)
– Get and install XCode
Register yourself as an Apple Developer (bound to your Apple ID)
– Get Access to the iOS Dev Center (you need to be an Apple Developer)

Of course, you need to learn Objective C and you need to know some fundamentals about programming in a broad sense.

Once you’ve got this, you can get started. Tons of information there. Thats where I will start, more updates will follow!

A new adventure is about to begin

For quite some time the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has been available. And along with it how to write applications for it, so called “Apps”. The Apps are written for the operating system on those devices, called iOS.

I’ve always been interested in writing an App for iOS. And, finally I have the resources to begin my journey. I’ll blog about my findings here once in a while.