Monthly Archives: April 2013

Got this via a friend and had to share this with you… Ever heard of Bumblebee? Well I thought it was about this guy: Apparently it wasn’t, in this case. In fact, I still don’t even know what piece of software it is, but I do know about one of its most famous commits on github now. This commit is very small, yet makes a very big difference for the user… If you want to have a laugh see the commit yourself, and then all the comments, they are hilarous. Ok, one teaser: Still reading…?

I was looking for a way to easily print the current gemset I am in when working in the terminal. I found a stack overflow post, but it did not really satisfy me. With some googling I also found this post. I modified the script a tiny bit (color preferences + added __git_ps1 to detect branch) and would like to share you what I’ve got. This is the complete script I use now, copy & paste if you like. The result looks like this: [sourcecode] # This shows the git branch of the current directory… Read Article →

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