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I have been member of Paypal for quite some time, and I use it rarely. When I use it, I want it to be a quick, seamless experience. I log in, do my business, log out. Thats it. Reality is different. Although I must admit, it does not help that I forget my password every time. Since I use Paypal every 6 to 12 months I can’t get it in my muscle memory. I bought 1password a while back to help me remember only one password (you don’t say?) and let it generate strong, secure passwords…. Read Article →

Time has passed… In commit messages, describe intent rather than implementation details. (thanks Remco!) Using github? Then you can refer to issues in your commit messages using #. Ie when there is an issue (#12), and you want to fix it. Just refer to it with a #12 and Github will automatically link your commit to the issue. It always takes more time then you always think to revamp your project(s). Start with why. Easier said then done though. (Reading the book, so I might write a review about that soon) Paypal’s functionality to change your password… Read Article →

Another week has passed: Unlike in Windows; in Chrome you cannot easily focus on your bookmarks bar with a keyboard short key on Mac OS X. If you want to run rake tasks in your specs in a before block, be sure to set a line[code language=”ruby”]Rake::Task[name].reenable[/code] so you can re-execute them every time. Rake seems to remember which task has been executed, so you cannot execute it twice. If you want to stub out STDOUT messages (like with ‘puts’) in your spec, use:[code language=”ruby”]STDOUT.stubs(:puts)[/code] When in doubt, speak up. Always. With Scrum, big stories… Read Article →

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