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Parts: Integration testing your asp .net core app with an in memory database (this) Integration testing your asp .net core app dealing with anti request forgery csrf formdata and cookies Revisions: 14th august 2016 – updated for .net core 1.0 29th april 2016 – first version covering RC1 Recently I am working with .Net (C#). And we’re working in .Net Core, which is awesome. (new stuff, wooh yeah!). I wanted to set up integration testing and it was tough to find resources to make it all happen. Which is pretty obvious considering how new some… Read Article →

Since I have founded my own company, I have worked for/with multiple companies. During those times I made a few observations I’d like to share. This is one observation. TLDR: Give a team an intent and the team will give you the best path to that intent (goal). A much better path (how) than you could ever figure out yourself. A lot of (it) organizations work in iterations (so called ‘Agile’). Often using a process (but not limited to) called Scrum. Whatever you’d like to call the process, there is a need to build things…. Read Article →

You might have noticed. I have migrated the website from onto my own domain. I have a few blogs (subjects) to come, regarding: – Don’t tell me what you want – tell me your goal. – I have been working in .Net Core (yes, .Net, not Java) and figured some stuff out regarding (integration) testing. – And more… Stay tuned!

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