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Today I have begun an ‘Incubator week’. This means I have allocated a whole week to work on my game. One week without any distractions, at a separate location. Focussed to work on the game. And even more awesome, I have some help from Arjen van der Ende for a few days. In this week we’re going to work on: Merging the Harvester logic Minimap Power Resource AI A lot of the things to get the Minimal Playable Game finished!   I am very grateful that my family supports me to chase my dream and… Read Article →

In my previous post I announced the start of my dream: building my own game. In this post I will elaborate further about the goal I have set and how I intent to reach that goal. Writing a game is, like any project, quite a challenge. It is a continuous process of ‘zooming in’ (doing the actual work) and ‘zooming out’ (keeping an eye on the bigger picture). Only that way you can be sure you reach the goal in the most efficient manner. Like any project, to keep it clear what to do, there… Read Article →

My dream is to build my own games and make a living out of it. It is fairly obvious to me now, but at the same time I never dared to make it this explicit. Once you decide to make work of your dreams, you get into some kind of planning stage. How am I going to build any game? What kind of game? And how do you find time? Practical stuff, dreamy stuff. There is so much needed to build a game, where to begin? For me it is obvious I want to build… Read Article →

Do you play Magic The Gathering? Do you want to keep track of your games (win/lose ratio)? Perhaps want to know which deck was used? How about finding new players to play against or organize your own Tournament? Sounds awesome right!? Thats something I am working on right now with 2 other guys. We play MTG and we believe it should be a social and fun happening. Anything technical should be supportive, be as less intrusive but supporting you where possible. To do that we’re building an application that can do the following: keep track… Read Article →

Integration testing your asp .net core app with an in memory database Integration testing your asp .net core app dealing with anti request forgery csrf formdata and cookies (this) This post can be considered a sequel to Setting up integration testing in Asp.Net Core. It builds upon some code provided there. Running Integration Tests are awesome. (Be mindful though: They Are A Scam as well). So great, you got it up and running. And you probably will run into a few (practical) things when dealing with a bit more useful scenario’s. In this case I… Read Article →

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