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TLDR; I started a new company called Indienamic to build awareness for that brand so that I can build a community around the games I’m building. And, if you want to earn money from your games you have to cultivate that community, make high quality games, make people happy and do the number game. 15K visitors a month is not enough. A while ago I said I decided to kickstart my dream to become an independent game developer (indie game developer). In the incubator week I took a step back and reflected on how I… Read Article →

Note: Further development blogs are to be found at Indienamic I am glad to say that the basic mechanics for harvesting resources, and thus a basic economy system, is finished. I have created a demo, this time with audio where I explain how it works + a bit behind the scenes! For Patrons I deliver an in-depth video about the source code for this feature in the coming weeks. If you have any feedback about the video, ideas about game mechanics or questions about how this is coded… just get in touch! Watch the video… Read Article →

In my previous post I announced the start of my dream: building my own game. In this post I will elaborate further about the goal I have set and how I intent to reach that goal. Writing a game is, like any project, quite a challenge. It is a continuous process of ‘zooming in’ (doing the actual work) and ‘zooming out’ (keeping an eye on the bigger picture). Only that way you can be sure you reach the goal in the most efficient manner. Like any project, to keep it clear what to do, there… Read Article →

Since I have founded my own company, I have worked for/with multiple companies. During those times I made a few observations I’d like to share. This is one observation. TLDR: Give a team an intent and the team will give you the best path to that intent (goal). A much better path (how) than you could ever figure out yourself. A lot of (it) organizations work in iterations (so called ‘Agile’). Often using a process (but not limited to) called Scrum. Whatever you’d like to call the process, there is a need to build things…. Read Article →

You might have noticed. I have migrated the website from onto my own domain. I have a few blogs (subjects) to come, regarding: – Don’t tell me what you want – tell me your goal. – I have been working in .Net Core (yes, .Net, not Java) and figured some stuff out regarding (integration) testing. – And more… Stay tuned!

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