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On the 14th of December 2013 – the Global Day of Coderetreat was held at Zilverline. I have experience with coderetreats and also organised one at the 7th of january in 2012, and the GDCR12. This time I both hosted and facilitated this event. This means that besides practical stuff I also did the talking which I will explain further in this post. This was the first time I did this and I’d like to share how it was. If you want to get an impression of the day you can have a look at this slideshow. A big thanks to Bob Forma… Read Article →

Saturday 8th of September 2012. I came to Amsterdam Amstel train station, to pick up Corey Haines who I had asked if he wanted to meet the local community in Amsterdam and have some fun coding. After I first introduced myself to a complete stranger (I swear he really looked like Corey Haines :))… I then walked to (the real and smiling) Corey Haines and got us to the car to get to our location. It was a fun evening coding. Around 10 people came and we mainly focussed on coding. I want to share… Read Article →

Recently I promoted to do TDD, instead of “Tests First” development. Some people asked me what the difference is between them. In both cases we write tests first right? So what is the difference? I believe the difference is this: Test First decribes your solution. TDD describes the problem The difference could probably be explained best when using the coderetreat I had organized at the beginning of this year. Within this session I had experienced a great example to tell the difference between Tests first and TDD. To clarify the difference in this blog, we… Read Article →

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