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I found this video about TDD, called TDD as if you meant it. And it explains very well the concept I tried to explain in my blog post about the difference between TDD and Tests First Development. It is only around 10 minutes of your time, and well worth spent.

Recently I promoted to do TDD, instead of “Tests First” development. Some people asked me what the difference is between them. In both cases we write tests first right? So what is the difference? I believe the difference is this: Test First decribes your solution. TDD describes the problem The difference could probably be explained best when using the coderetreat I had organized at the beginning of this year. Within this session I had experienced a great example to tell the difference between Tests first and TDD. To clarify the difference in this blog, we… Read Article →

At the end of 2011 I started organizing a coderetreat. It started on twitter around October. I’ve also posted about it in my last mini blog. The original event can be found here. If anyone was interested, they could sign up (max 25 people) for free. All you needed to do was bring your best humor and if possible a laptop with your preferred dev environment set up. (Its not hard to organize one, check here if you’re interested) If you want to know more about what a coderetreat is, click here. Even better: join… Read Article →

Recently I have been experimenting with a Code Kata, and in this post I’d like to share my experiences with it. Code Kata? Code Kata’s have been around for a while, but it really came into my attention while reading Chapter 6 from the book The Clean Coder by Robert C Martin. This chapter makes an anology that at your work you’re a performer like a musician and outside work you (should be, like a musician) practicing. (Of course, you will learn while at work, but that is not the point). But what is a… Read Article →

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