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Integration testing your asp .net core app with an in memory database Integration testing your asp .net core app dealing with anti request forgery csrf formdata and cookies (this) This post can be considered a sequel to Setting up integration testing in Asp.Net Core. It builds upon some code provided there. Running Integration Tests are awesome. (Be mindful though: They Are A Scam as well). So great, you got it up and running. And you probably will run into a few (practical) things when dealing with a bit more useful scenario’s. In this case I… Read Article →

Recently I posted my opinion about regression. Regression bugs are likely to occur on projects with a lot of legacy code. I consider legacy code as untested code. At the legacy coderetreat we used a small codebase (you can find it here). With that codebase we exercised in sessions to improve the code. The nice thing is that this is very similar with your daily job. You open up a project and you have to make changes in code you haven’t seen before and do not understand. In order to get a better understanding you… Read Article →

I hate it. You change something and you can’t tell if your change broke something in the system. If you’re lucky, you did not break anything. Or nobody noticed it. Next to that, on the same scale of luck, the potential bugs are found in the manual testing phase. But often there is no time to do all the regression testing by hand. It will take days and days, and the change you made looked so insignificant. It should go live. What could possibly go wrong?. Then it happens. You’re live, your changes work, but… Read Article →

Recently I promoted to do TDD, instead of “Tests First” development. Some people asked me what the difference is between them. In both cases we write tests first right? So what is the difference? I believe the difference is this: Test First decribes your solution. TDD describes the problem The difference could probably be explained best when using the coderetreat I had organized at the beginning of this year. Within this session I had experienced a great example to tell the difference between Tests first and TDD. To clarify the difference in this blog, we… Read Article →

At the end of 2011 I started organizing a coderetreat. It started on twitter around October. I’ve also posted about it in my last mini blog. The original event can be found here. If anyone was interested, they could sign up (max 25 people) for free. All you needed to do was bring your best humor and if possible a laptop with your preferred dev environment set up. (Its not hard to organize one, check here if you’re interested) If you want to know more about what a coderetreat is, click here. Even better: join… Read Article →

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