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Recently I wanted to run Slick on linux in a 64 bits environment. I got it working on Windows a while ago but I forgot to include natives for Linux and Mac OS X. To get it working on Linux I simply redid the steps I did back then. I’ve tested the results on Linux and also on Windows, with success! If you are interested, then you can grab the natives here; and the JARs from here. (or just simply clone dune2themaker4j and get it all in one go)

Do you have Windows 7? Perhaps the 64 bits version? Do you have an iPhone, iPod? Do the following things happen when you try to sinc with iTunes? – your iphone stops saying it is synchronizing, but iTunes still thinks it is. – your computer becomes very slow, so slow you actually have to restart it in order to do your daily things again. – synchronisation works fine only for Contacts or Calendar items. “heavier” stuff (ie photo’s or music) causes the symptoms above. Don’t worry: You are not alone. In fact many others have… Read Article →

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