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Some time has passed, and I’ve learned new stuff again: Updating a single gem is not done with ‘bundle update <gemname>’ but in fact with ‘bundle update –source <gemname>’. See this post for more info on that. Mailbox (iOS) is a really neat mail program. I really love this ‘remind me later’ stuff which keeps my mailbox clean and keeps me from writing these reminders myself in the Calendar app. With CTRL-F2 you can get focus on the menu bar in any mac app. (more keyboard shortcuts here) With JSONLint you can easily verify JSON…. Read Article →

In the previous post I have set up a raw architecture for the game. There is a Game class that has a function called execute, which allows basic stuff to happen: – responding to events – updating state – and rendering state In code it is: [sourcecode language=”cpp”] while (running) { handleEvents(); update(); render(); } [/sourcecode] The end result of the first phase was, well, a black window. Nothing to be excited about just yet… One of the very basic needs is drawing on the screen. One way to get something on the screen is… Read Article →

In my previous post I have described a way to compile your project with a Maven style like project structure. Using that as basis I am busy rewriting my project Dune II – The Maker. This time I am using SDL. Because I have started over I thought of writing blog posts about my progress. Blog posts will be about progress made, decisions taken, etc. This is by no means a real tutorial sequence, but you could follow the blog posts probably and make something out of it. Do note: In reality I am much… Read Article →

When you’re used to Java, you build your software using the comforting build-tools. Popular examples are Ant and Maven. Personally I love Maven. When you’re writing an application in C++ it seems like a big step backwards build-tools wise. If you’re an Ant God you might feel a bit more comfortable with using Make. However, writing makefiles (the ‘equivalent’ of the Ant’s build.xml) are a more tough. Since I am used to Maven, there are some tasks I want to perform, like: – clean – compile – compile tests – package To start with. I… Read Article →

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