bookmark_borderMagic Gatherers looking for Beta testers!

Do you play Magic The Gathering? Do you want to keep track of your games (win/lose ratio)? Perhaps want to know which deck was used? How about finding new players to play against or organize your own Tournament?

Sounds awesome right!?

Thats something I am working on right now with 2 other guys.

We play MTG and we believe it should be a social and fun happening. Anything technical should be supportive, be as less intrusive but supporting you where possible.

To do that we’re building an application that can do the following:

  • keep track of your matches, which deck did you play with against whom and did you win/lose?
  • easy way to find other people to play against (duels, a Tournament, etc)
  • easy Tournament organisation. Set up a Tournament yourself, or join one easily.
  • have fun achievements along the way
  • If you’re interested, head over to our website and subscribe to our mail list to get invited to the first version of the app asap!

    Perhaps you have some ideas on your own? Don’t hesitate to share them. Either via email, or comment on this reddit post.